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Hacked By HaxOr Albania


#Hacked By HaxOr Albania

.::  .:: Hello Admin ::.  ::.

#Where Is Your Fucking Security?

#Nothing Found

#LOL No More Words For Your Security

#Patch Up Your Security


#Otherwise We Will Visit U Again


#Security Test By HaxOr Albania

#Hacking Is Not a Crime

#Its an ART

#Today You Are The Victim Of This ART

.::Pakistan Zindabad::.

>Greetz to:   |=| J!N |=| Al-ZarQal! |=| PsYc0 ExTR3M!$T |=| Fr33StyL3 HaXoR |=| King Arxal |=| MrBlack Cobra |=| MaDdY Z30X |=| HaxOr Albania |=| SY3D SaaD! |=| Dr.Vulner |=| S433D |=| Eagle Eye |=| Xploiters |=| All Muslim Cyber Soldiers |=|